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The Heat Cable Store is a smallish company with a 25 year history of providing quality customer service. We are located in Minnesota, the official ice dam capital of the world (sad but true). When you buy something from us you are dealing with real people who care about every transaction. It’s true that you may find slightly better prices on Amazon or some other multi-galactic mega retailer, but you won’t find the sort of support and expertise we offer after the sale is done. Trust us, when it comes to ice dam heat cables, you want someone experienced to talk to when questions arise.

Our goal is to help you resolve your roof and gutter ice issues. Commonly known as ice dams, ice in gutters and roofs causes millions in damage each year across the United States. If you own a home or a commercial property, heat cables are frequently the right answer addressing unwanted ice accumulations. Our philosophy for doing business is simple. Be honest, be helpful and provide the very best prices and support for heat cable and heat tape possible. We have been in the business of selling heat cables for many years. Check us out. Kick the tires. If you like what you see, buy some cable!

Here’s something else. We aren’t in bed with any particular manufacturer. We sell ice dam prevention products that we believe in, based on our direct experience with a limited pool of manufacturers. Because we buy a lot of heat tape and heat cable, we have a certain amount of influence when it comes to making sure our customers are treated fairly. Good support is part of what you buy when you work with The Heat Cable Store.

Thank your for your interest in our company.

Heat Cable Store Staff

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