Heat Trace Cable

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Featuring Top Heat Cable Brands

Featured Products:

Heat Tape Pro

Radiant Solutions top heat cable in the professional and consumer market. Six watts per foot, best warranty in the industry.

Raychem Frostgaurd

From Pentair, a long standing staple of Industrial electronics, this heat cable has been an industry top choice for years.

Pipe Freeze Pro

Prevent Pipes from freezing using this heat cable from Radiant Solutions with an integrated contact thermostat and a 3 watt per foot output.

Heat Cable Super-Store

Heat Cable. Heat Tape. Heat Trace Cable. Whatever you want to call it, you know when you need it. And when you need it, this is where you get it.

For over 6 Years the Heat Cable Store has been the only Heat-Cable-exclusive multi-brand marketplace, selling the top brands of Heat Cables and their accessories.

Heat Cables for All Applications

The Heat Cable Store offers heat trace cables for both residential and commercial applications. We sell Ice Dam Heat Cables, Pipe Freeze Protection Cables and all the Heat Cable Accessories you need to be the protector of your home from roof to basement.

We have on staff expert installation technicians who can help you make the best heat cable purchase to protect your home, and complete a successful install.