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Heat Cable Splice & Tee Power Connection Kit


Split your field-assembled Heat Cable to go in multiple directions by creating a “Tee” junction.


Use this kit to make heat cable tee connection anda splice. One kit contains material to accommodate 1 splice, 1 tee connection and 1 end-seal.

The Ice Dam Company Splice and Tee Kit is to be used with
Ice Dam Company self-regulating heating cables to make a splice, tee connection and one end seal. Carefully follow the instructions. Do not use other materials or alternate splicing methods which may damage the heating cable and create an electrical hazard, risk of fire, or poor performance.

CAUTION: Charring or burning the heat shrink tubing can produce fumes that may cause eye, skin, nose and throat irritation. Use adequate ventilation during installation and avoid overheating the heat shrink tubing.

TOOLS REQUIRED : utility knife, cross cutters, needle nose pliers, crimping tool, heat gun.

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