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Heat Tape Separator Clip




Sold 10 Clips Per Bag

When it comes to ice dams, gutters that are particularly problematic sometimes require more then one run of heat tape to keep clear passages for water to escape. To maximize the effectiveness of a double-run setup, positioning the two cables optimally is key. The Heat Tape Gutter Separator Clip is designed to position two runs of ice dam heat cable within the gutter to maximize performance.


The Heat Tape Double-Run

The whole point of heat tape is to create channels in ice to let the melting water escape. When it comes to conveying the water away from the source of ice, gutters can often play a key role. Sometimes that requires more then one run of heat tape within the gutter to create an additional channels for water to flow. Using the Heat Tape Separator Clip makes it extremely easy to get optimal placement of you heat tape within the gutter basin.

RSC-555 Heat Tape Separator Clip Diagram


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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 3 in