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ThermaCord – Automatic Heat Cable Switch


Plug-in ready, outdoor rated, and temperature-controlled switch for any length of  Ice Dam Heat Cable. For use with any exterior outlet, the ThermaCord™ turns on your heat cable on at 37º and off at 50º, saving you money through reduced energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Works with all plug-in ready ice dam heat cable
  • Compatible will all outdoor outlets
  • Outdoor rated (Weather Resistant)
  • Toggles power on/off, based on ambient temperature (built-in Thermostat)
  • 16″ in total Cord Length
  • 3-year warranty

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ThermaCord – Thermostatic Heat Tape controller / Switch

Control the power supply to your Ice Dam Heat Cable with this convenient temperature controlled switch. ThermaCord fits into any outdoor outlet, connecting your Heat cable to a thermostatic controller that can save you money by eliminating the power draw of your Heat cable in temperatures it does not need to be functioning.

  • Works with all plug-in ready ice dam heat cable
  • Compatible will all outdoor outlets, including shrouded
  • Outdoor rated (Weather Resistant)
  • Turns on at approximately 37°F off at 50°F  ( +/- tolerance of a few degrees)
  • Maximum rating 1800 watts/15-amps at 120V
  • 3-year warranty
  • 16-inches Long
  • UL approved


Q: My Heat Tape is Self-Regulating. Do I Need this?
A: Self-Regulating Heat Tape will draw variable Power depending on the ambient temperature. It draws more power when temperatures are cold and less power when temperatures are warmer. However when the self-regulating cable is plugged in, it is always working, even if only slightly drawing power in warm temperatures. Adding the ThermaCord will cut the supply of power to your Heat tape when it is not needed. This will save you energy Costs.

Q: How much will it save Me?
A: Savings will always depend on the weather and how often you have temperatures above the threshold that the switch turns on your Heat tape. In most situations where Heat Tape in needed, savings will offset the cost of the ThermaCord and then some.