The New Heat Cable Store

Since 2015, the Heat Cable Store has represented the best brands of heat cable and heat tape sold in North America. In that time, we have learned a few things and we have taken what we know to make the Heat Cable Store better.

Part of that initiative was rebuilding the store with a new design, new technical infrastructure for shipping, and some new product offerings. What you are seeing here is the result of that work, which we are continuing to refine and debug (thanks for your patience!).

You may have also notice that our main website URL has changed. Where previously, our store was located at, we are now located at Don’t worry if that mixes you up. Both URLs still work and take you to our main store.

We are also working on speed/performance of our website and store to make our heat cable store the best place on the internet to buy heat tape / cable.

We hope you like it and we look forward to growing as the internet’s favorite online marketplace for heat cable and pipe freeze protection systems.