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Glow Cap End Seal Kit


Heat tape Termination Kit with LED Indicator

Our patented GlowCap™ has been a game-changer in the plug-in heat cable industry. Now, the GC-ESK kit allows you to terminate field-installed heat cable systems with the same intelligent technology. No more wondering if your heat cable is working from one end to the other. Terminate your cable with a GlowCap™ and leave it in a visible place to provide immediate reassurance that the cable is doing it’s job.

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How do I know my heat Cable is working?

It’s a common question that the GlowCap™ End Seal Kit was designed to answer from a distance. If the green indicator light is on, your cable is working. Installing the GlowCap™ End Seal kit on self-regulating heat cable takes about five minutes total. The kit includes a 12” section of 6 watt HeatTapePro™ Self-Regulating Heat Cable that is factory terminated with a GlowCap™, which is an injection molded body with an embedded 100,000 hour UL-Listed LED. The other end of the assembly is prepared and ready to be crimped onto the stripped end of any 10-13mm self-regulating heat cable.

The GC-ESK increases system reliability significantly because cable function can be verified in seconds with a quick glance at the GlowCap™. This is particularly helpful on cable systems that are inaccessible, such as on high locations

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