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Heat Cable Power Connection Kit


Hard-Wire Your Custom Heat Tape Installation

Hard-wired Power Connection Kit is to be used with Radiant Solutions Field-Assembled Heat Tape Products
Including Heat Tape Pro – Heat Tape on Spools.
  • Kits are UL Certified for use in U.S. and Canada
  • This kit contains components for making one hardwire power connection to heat tape
  • Junction Box is not included



The “Hard-wired Power Connection Kit” refers to a kit designed for a permanent or fixed electrical connection. It typically involves wiring the heat tape product directly into an electrical system. This type of connection is durable and long-lasting, providing a reliable power source for the Heat Tape Pro and Heat Tape on Spools manufactured by Radiant Solutions.


The Ice Dam Heat Tape Hard-wired Power Connection Kit  works with all 10mm-13mm Self-Regulating Heat Tape / De-Icing Cable. When using with cable not manufactured by Radiant Solutions, refer to cable guidelines and instructions.

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