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Heat Tape Pro Cable on Spools


Heavy-duty, professional-grade, high-quality ice dam heat cable at any length for use in controlling ice dam build-up and preventing water damage that can be the result of ice dams. This heat cable is the most effective ice dam heat cable on the market. It is self-regulating, saving you money in energy costs, and replacement expense. Available in 120 & 240 voltages. (See below for more info)


Our self-regulating heat cable is designed for residential and commercial ice dam prevention as well as pipe heat trace applications. Unlike cheap, big-box ice dam heat cable, our cables are self-regulating, only asking for the power they need to do their job. This saves you a lot of money in the long run by not wasting electricity. Our heat cable is also perfect for gutter de-icing and pipe heat tracing applications.

  • Available at Lengths of 250ft, 500ft and 1000ft
  • Available in 120volt & 240volt, at 6w & 8w/ft
  • Self-Regulating – The cable regulates it’s temperature and power consumption, optimizing for the surrounding temperature
  • Produces 6 watts per foot (@50ºF) for ice dam melting & gutter de-icing applications
  • Suitable for gutter de-icing and ice dam prevention applications on shingle, metal, plastic, tar, wood roofs and metal or plastic pipes up to 6″ for pipe heat tracing applications.
  • UL Listed
  • Requires Power Connection Kit to hard-wire power and End Seal Kit to create a sealed termination
  • Can be used with Any of our Controls and Thermostats
  • 10-Year Warranty (Best in Industry)

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250-ft, 500-ft, 1000-ft

Watts per Foot

6w, 8w


120v, 240v