ThermaCord Adds Simple Control to Plug-in Heat Cable at High Value

Introducing a new product for automatically controlling your Ice Dam Heat Cable, Radiant Solutions Company have found a simple yet effective solution to the binary control of power to Plug-in Heat Cable Systems. While doing so, they have eliminated one of the biggest headaches plaguing alternatives: incompatibility with shrouded exterior outlets.

Heat Cable Switch Thermostat

ThermaCord – Automatic Heat Cable Controller

$24.00 from Radiant Solutions Company

While some products are simply unable to plug in to exterior shrouded outlets, ThermaCord solves this problem by integrating a thermostatic sensor and switch within an 18-Inch cord that has a standard size plug (integrating Radiant Solutions LED light-up plug). Outlets with a closable cover can even be completely shut.

The thermostatic switch inside of ThermaCord will turn your Heat Cable on at around 37ºF and shut off at 50ºF. Unlike the Thermo Cube, the ThermaCord has only a single receptacle to plug in your Heat Cable, however: the receptacle also has a built in LED light that shows when your cable is functioning.